Over the centuries people have gathered together to enjoy brews crafted by local artisans. The experience draws us in - the taste, the smell, the feel of the cool glass in your hand and a goodness that fills the soul. Nothing compares to a pint of a finely crafted beer whose process remains as important as the final product. No matter what uncertainties come our way, we will always have this.

This is lasting.

Head Brewer, Ed Silva

A lifelong native of the City of Waterbury, Ed has been brewing beer in his hometown for nearly 10 years. He began as a 10-gallon home brew production delivering high quality, authentic and hand-crafted brew to  local enthusiasts.  Ed quickly immersed himself in the craft beer community, participating in local competitions, beer tastings and other community events.  His passion grew along with his supporters and within 10 years he began Lasting Brass Brewing Company.  Along with six unique recipes, Ed continues to evolve his brewing techniques with experimental batches brewed every three-six months.

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Black Market
Russian Imperial Stout

Contrary to what you may be thinking, we haven’t done anything illegal here. Don’t consider us pioneers, but this is our attempt to add bourbon and oak flavor without compromising the flavor of the beer. The addition is subtle and provides the beer with a complexity uncommon to beers in this category.

10% ABV
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Brass City Blonde
Blonde Ale

This Blonde is well endowed, generously hopped and refreshing. Keep it classy all year round.

4.6% ABV
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Clock Tower Pale Ale
American Pale Ale

A tip of the cap to the crisp west coast style pale ale. Brewed with a blend of 5 different hop varieties, this brew will give you a bite of an IPA but is sesssionable for those of you who think one or two is just not enough.

6% ABV
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Olde Colony Saison
Saison / Farmhouse Ale

A true Saison for the summer. Brewed with a touch of local honey and yeast purposely under-pitched to give it that funky farmhouse ester you deserve.

7% ABV
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Hop ‘Ville Elementary (Citra)
American Pale Ale

We’ve kicked the bitter to the curb with this single citra-hopped pale ale. The overwhelming amount of late hop additions gives this beer a tropical citrus flavor and aroma.

4.5% ABV
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Waterbury Connecticut – You call it the Brass City, we call it home. Our story is built on Waterbury’s rich 20th century history of enduring spirit and renown craftsmanship. Stop in and see how we work to keep the spirit alive with each and every brew we pour. We hope you’ll visit soon!


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to learn more about what Lasting Brass is up to.
Phone: 860-417-2581

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